Central theme in these works done in rope is ‘’letting go’’ although both pieces are entirely different in approach of the subject.

‘Letting you go’ is my response to witnessing how dementia creates a disorienting chaos of memories and investigates how memories fade, blurring the line between reality and imagination with self-generated thoughts.

‘Release’ talks about letting go of the ties in our lives that prevent us to feel truly free and questions how free we really are. Why is it that so many people feel imprisoned and pressured by ‘’must have’’, ‘’must do’’, ‘’need to’’, by materialism, by people, by obligations and expectations’? This piece translates these feelings in knots that need to be untied and untangled if we want to find that freedom and harmony to grow again.

Letting you go (2014) 110cm diameter
Release (2014) 197×69 cm
Release (2014) detail