‘Making and mending my way through – a dialogue about mental health’

Solo-exhibition in the town hall in Macroom – July 2019

Solo-exhibition at the Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania – October 2019

The primary element in this work is mulberry paper.

Delicate yet tough, vulnerable yet resilient, transparent as well as opaque, the exploration of this material’s fragility and strength are a constant reminder of the same characteristics within myself while the processes of tearing, cutting, burning, bleaching, mending and sewing visually convey feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Macroom Exhibition

Solo Exhibition, Macroom, July 2019

Solo Exhibition, Macroom, July 2019
Solo Exhibition, Macroom, July 2019

The exhibition was opened by Pamela Hardesty, Lecturer in Fine and Applied Art at the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and visual artist with an international exhibition practice and public commissions throughout Ireland.

Coming out of the dark (2019) panels 44x31cm
Shedding the past (2019) 55x30cm
Scars on my Soul (2019) 70x36cm
Acceptance (2019) 82x54cm
All that I want is stillness of heart (2019) 76x61cm
Meditations I (2019) 35x35cm
Meditations II (2019) 35x35cm
Meditations III (2019) 23x23cm
Meditations IV (2019) 23x23cm
Stepping Stones (2019) 90x28cm
There are always flowers I (2015)
There are always flowers II (2019) 90x28cm
Thoughts running through my head (2019) 90x28cm
The light inside you (2019)
There are no words (2019)
Never lose hope (2019)
Courage (2019) 42x51cm
Even in the darkest hour (2019) 65x40cm
Abyss (2019) 70x77cm
Trapped I (2019) 83x78cm
Trapped II (2019) 83x78cm
Going through the motions (2019) 137x61cm
Not broken, just bent (2019) 92x25cm
Prisoner of my mind (2019) 60x42cm
Prisoner of my mind (detail)