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Hand embroidery and sewing release tension and anxiety and have been recognized as an effective way to reduce stress and calm the mind.

Do you like needlework? Would you like to meet like-minded creatives in a relaxed environment while learning a variety of embroidery techniques and discovering a wide variety of applications of this wonderful craft? Then why not join an embroidery class at Macroom School of Art?

To join, please contact Macroom School of Art [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you!

“Home” Student Exhibition

‘Home’ was an art collaboration between Nano Nagle Place and Cork Migrant Centre during which participants from all over the world, over a number of weeks, examined what ‘home’ meant to them. Through talks and discussions, drawing and eventually needlework, participants created an intimate artwork that talks about connection, friendship, love and what makes a place ‘home’.

It is one of the most heart-warming and memorable workshops I facilitated and I still think with love and pride of this amazing opportunity.