My work with mulberry paper is a therapeutic self-expression of my struggle with depression. For so long I had been trying to hide my dark feelings and battling, until I could no longer ignore the devastating impact on my every day and artistic life. This volume of work is my way of finally admitting to these emotions as part of who I am and accepting that I should not have to feel guilty or ashamed. By opening up about this part of my life to a wider audience I seek to break the stigma and misunderstandings around the disease and to create a dialogue about an illness that too often is left unspoken.

Through my work I found an outlet, a channel through which to articulate the things I can’t say and to disclose the feelings I have been hiding. I hope to inspire and empower all who can relate to my work and to connect with others in evoking a sense of familiarity and empathy. Also, I want my work to bring comfort to people in knowing they are not alone and to show that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet turn it into something beautiful.

End of Year exhibition at Crawford College of Art and Design
End of Year exhibition at Crawford College of Art and Design
Trapped I (2015) 57×57 cm
Trapped II (2015) 57×57 cm
Empty I (2015) 105×105 cm
Empty II (2015) 105×105 cm
Falling apart again (2015) 96×40 cm
Trapped I (detail)
Trapped II (detail)
Empty I (detail)
Empty II (detail)
Falling apart again (detail)