Undoubtedly it is due to living in the countryside and its prevalence in my immediate surroundings that I became fascinated by moss, captivated by the different textures and various colours of green growing in abundance on stones, stone walls, on trees and in the undergrowth of the magical forests of West Cork.

In these works, I tried to capture not only its different shades and forms but also the soothing and peaceful impact that these diminutive plants have on me.

The slow and repetitive processes of weaving, crochet and embroidery allow me the time to reflect, to contemplate and meditate, away from a world that often doesn’t make sense.

I believe that more than ever these traditional skills, passed from generation to generation, need to be kept alive in today’s day and age where everything has become mechanised or computerised. For that reason, I deliberately work solely by hand, using Irish yarns, nurturing a slower pace of life and a more conscious way of living and working, merging traditional techniques into contemporary, abstract artworks that convey the comfort and tranquillity of being in nature.

This work is all about going back-to-basics, appreciating and embracing the small things in life, as well as of hope, growth and harmony.


Finding hope in cold times (2023) appr. 80 cm diameter
First sunlight (2023) appr. 75cm diameter
From dawn till dusk (2023) appr. 86cm diameter
Embrace (2023) appr. 86cm diameter
Unity I (2023) appr. 80cm diameter
Unity II (2023) appr. 80cm diameter
Daybreak (2023) 95 x 89 cm
Daybreak II (2023) appr. 70 cm diameter
All is connected (2023) appr. 72cm diameter
All is connected in nature and time (2023) appr. 72cm diameter
Midnight Whispers (2023) 84 x 73cm
Midnight Whispers II (2023) 82 x 77 cm
Nurture (2023) appr. 86 cm diameter
Nurture II (2023) appr. 80 cm diameter
Finding hope in cold times (detail)
Embrace (detail)
Nurture (detail)
Midnight Whispers (detail)
Daybreak (detail)
Daybreak (detail)
Daybreak (detail) (2)
Daybreak II (detail) (2)